Dubai Design and Fashion Council

Raising the Profile of Dubai as a Global Destination for Design and Fashion

Developing a platform to empower the local design community.


The Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) is the government entity tasked with promoting the city as a premier design and fashion destination, attracting exceptional upcoming and professional talent, and bringing together the local community of designers. In order to achieve its ambitions, DDFC was looking to re-invent itself and create a strong digital presence. MBLM worked closely with government and community stakeholders to evolve the brand and develop a new membership website.

MBLM redesigned DDFC’s visual identity into an instantly recognizable icon. By incorporating a vibrant suite of colors, patterns, photographic treatment and custom iconography in to the design system, the brand became globally identifiable as a platform for the fashion and design industry.

To enable more intimate relationships with the design community and promote active engagement, MBLM developed a new DDFC membership website to serve as a hub for everything design-related in Dubai. The site acts as the primary mode of public communication, serving as the central core for announcements, news, promotions, activities and events. The new website also allows designers to register and process the payment to become a member of DDFC and create personal profiles to self-promote and network with others in the industry.


The new brand and digital experience was launched at a high-profile event that included key government dignitaries, design industry leaders and influencers. 

Today, the growing popularity of the website and membership program has realized the council’s ambitions, providing a space where Dubai’s creative community comes together to engage with other architects, product designers, interior designers, and fashion designers. 

The site attracts thousands of monthly visitors, has directly enabled DDFC to sign up over 300 new members from various fields, continues to promote and popularizes hundreds of local design and fashion workshops and classes, and helps establish Dubai a new global hub for the design.

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