How One Central was activated to become Dubai’s premier business district

One Central is an award-winning, Grade A commercial development located 
in the heart of Dubai’s business district

The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) needed a digital platform to support the sales cycle of One Central, an upscale business development in the heart of Dubai.

MBLM architected a digital roadmap using PresentationOS that would guide One Central to meet their company’s strategic business goals and showcase the value of their portfolio of upscale commercial units.

By creating a full suite of digital experiences from the web, sales center, interactive kiosks, and iPad application, MBLM provided One Central an indispensable sales enablement tool they primarily use up to this date.

PresentationOS revolutionized the way agents and brokers presented benefits, amenities, and value of One Central and its prime location in Dubai.

MBLM created immersive content and presentation to enhance One Central’s sales pitches to key investors and partners.

Utilizing multiple channels and touchpoints, users could explore the development and visualize the units and their value through digital kiosks and iPads.

PresentationOS provides in-depth insights on content performance using its analytics tool that help inform decisions in refining sales presentations and strategies.

MBLM designed and executed the content and digital roadmap to help position One Central as a lifestyle real estate development.

The seamless integration of content, technology, and physical environment serves as an effective presentation tool that enables One Central to draw and engage significant interest from investors and key figures.

PresentationOS has become an indispensable tool in managing and updating content, creating intimate brand experiences, presenting value, and generating new leads.

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