How Mantrac Group conquered various sales territories with a singular digital platform

Mantrac Group is one of the world’s largest Caterpillar ® dealers, distributing and supporting machinery, power systems, and material-handling equipment in 12 countries

Mantrac was struggling to coordinate and share presentations, sales materials, videos, and factsheets under a singular tool. In addition, sales and marketing teams were misaligned, resulting in an unsynchronized corporate voice preventing the effective demonstration of value on products and services.

Mantrac partnered with MBLM to develop a unified sales and marketing strategy, creating targeted content and aggregating information that aligned teams and effectively communicated the value of their products and solutions across audiences.

MBLM has designed and developed a set of multimedia content in four languages, customized to engage specific groups of audiences, and match offerings and showcase products in situation.

PresentationOS enables the interactive presentation of multimedia content and serves as a training tool to improve how sales executives communicate the value of partnering with Mantrac, driving better sales results.

A built-in analytics feature collects real-time data and provides insights on the usage and performance of presentations, helping Mantrac refine materials for continuous improvement.

Through PresentationOS, sales executives across regions can leverage Mantrac’s value proposition, enhance their sales pitch, align marketing efforts, and unify Mantrac’s brand voice.

Using PresentationOS’s analytics feature, Mantrac Group tracks the performance of their presentations, enhancing the impact of future sales and marketing materials.

More than 500 active users leverage PresentationOS to demonstrate Mantrac Group’s market leadership and value proposition.

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