Driving Data Technologies, Mantrac Case Study

Driving Data Technologies

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The fifth largest Caterpillar dealer in the world, Mantrac Group has multinational mining, energy, construction and offshore drilling customers distributed across sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Russia. In a quickly evolving industrial services market, where budgets are tightly managed and worksite productivity is essential, Mantrac wanted to promote a data driven solution: Caterpillar’s data technology system, Cat Connect, which would let owners digitally connect and monitor their equipment using a cloud based platform. 

MBLM partnered with Product Support’s leadership to develop a powerful and informative offer-driven campaign that served to highlight the benefits and outcomes of implementing Cat Connect on a worksite, supported by Mantrac Group’s market leadership, knowledge and reliability.

After conducting interviews with internal stakeholders and research on connected equipment, we developed the campaign essence, a core strategy focused on educating users on the value of data. We combined the benefits and call-to-action in a simple and direct message “Get Connected”, then designed a graphic system to embody the technological nature of the campaign.

We then built a compelling story that articulated the challenges faced by Mantrac’s customers across a range of industries and geographies while demonstrating, with statistics, studies, figures and evidence, how data technologies can make for a more productive, cost-effective and safe operation.

At the core of the campaign was educating customers on Caterpillar’s data management systems while driving clients to sign up for more information or callbacks. We developed an interactive landing page hosting downloadable research and case studies reinforcing the value of the digital suite, funneled visitors through using ongoing email campaigns and automated marketing workflows to follow up with interested prospects based on analytics. The goal was to expand Mantrac’s database while generating qualified leads. 

Surrounding the central campaign, supporting materials including awareness richmails, training flyers, customer facing presentations and training videos were created for internal employees to give them the support to continue to convert prospects into leads, and leads into buyers.


The campaign generated immense awareness and interest in Mantrac’s Get Connected offer and data management products.  The launch email and strategic automated workflows saw a 23% open rate and contributed to hundreds of page visits. Combined with the in-house training materials developed, MBLM created a foundation for Mantrac to bring data technology and connected worksites into the forefront of the conversation for a new generation of operations throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Russia.

A tablet showing multimedia content developed for Mantrac
The landing page developed for Mantrac displayed on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone
Examples of the email campain developed for Mantrac

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