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Reimagining a Destination Brand

Skyrocketing tourism rates by shining light on a regional gem


The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) is responsible for the strategic planning, development, and promotion of an integral part of the emirate’s economy. In order to more effectively attract local and international tourists, the ATDD needed a new brand that distinguished themselves and a compelling story that captured their true essence. ATDD partnered with MBLM to develop a strong narrative that connected with target audiences and established Ajman as a refreshing alternative to the neighboring emirates.

MBLM architected a tourism brand and strategy that leveraged Ajman’s welcoming community, warm hospitality, and authentic experiences to convey a sincere and alluring story about its offerings. We then executed a superior proprietary image library of Ajman’s tourism assets and a comprehensive visual branding strategy across digital channels that included brand identity, design system, and guidelines. To ensure continued engagement, we laid out and executed an effective, comprehensive 1-year strategic marketing plan that included new initiatives, campaigns, and mechanisms for implementation. MBLM also launched an easily navigable, sleek website and mobile app for ATDD, with in-depth, actionable content that elevated the Ajman’s profile as a major tourism destination in the UAE.

Working with Ajman, MBLM was able to elevate the brand both visually and strategically for a new era of tourism.


Since the rebranding and the implementation of the new marketing strategies, website, and mobile app, Ajman tourism numbers have increased by 20%, both in terms of guest arrivals and tourism revenue.

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