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Transforming Content Management

Empowering DWTC’s Content Management Through a Headless CMS

Since its inception in 1979, Dubai World Trade Center has been one of Dubai’s most prestigious business complexes that attracts the world’s biggest companies and massively contributes to the local economy. Strategically located in the emirate’s Central Business District, DWTC offers top-notch venues and exhibition centers, real estate developments, free zone business services, disruptive business and networking platforms like DXB Live, and much more. 

In an attempt to keep pace with the ever-increasing user demands, DWTC found itself grappling with the challenges of an outdated content management system (CMS), with the traditional CMS they had relied on failing to meet their digital content needs. Performance issues such as slow loading times, inconsistent transitions between pages, and extensive load times for multimedia elements marred the user experience. 

DWTC was also dealing with high maintenance costs. The traditional CMS demanded significant time and human and financial resources to manage. DWTC urgently needed a solution that could efficiently handle its expanding digital content requirements and improve its user experience.

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After carefully analyzing DWTC’s digital needs and challenges, MBLM proposed a transition from their traditional CMS to a headless CMS. The innovative headless CMS decouples the content management backend from the front end, leading to a more versatile and efficient system. This approach allows the reuse of the same content across different channels, eliminating content redundancy.

The process required separating the website’s code, a meticulous task that usually stretches over months; however, our experienced team helped streamline this transition smoothly and efficiently. Leveraging our extensive technical knowledge and experience with similar transitions, we executed this process successfully, mitigating any potential risks and interruptions to DWTC’s service. 

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The switch to a headless CMS proved to be transformative for DWTC. The website’s performance improved dramatically– instant page loading, smooth transitions between pages, almost instant CDN-to-user delivery, and much faster loading of multimedia elements. The new CMS also eliminated assembly errors and offered robust security, resulting in zero downtime.

DWTC’s financial gains were remarkable. The cost of maintaining the CMS plummeted by a whopping 79.1%. This was possible due to drastically reduced maintenance time, fewer personnel required for management, faster API and dynamic data, and a quicker website update process. Also, the headless CMS was inherently more secure, reducing the risk of hacking and eliminating the need for continual security tests. Adopting the new system massively impacted DWTC’s content management operations, bolstering security, significantly reducing costs, and bringing the user experience to a whole new level.

The DWTC is a testament to the power and potential of MBLM’s expertise and the headless CMS in completely transforming a brand’s content management and user experience – from startups to well-established brands. It demonstrates how such a shift can streamline operations, generate substantial cost savings, reinforce security measures, and improve user experience. MBLM continues to work closely with DWTC for regular improvements in content operations and performance. 

“Our Sharepoint infrastructure needed an update, and it was a complex undertaking. On top of that, we would still face the challenges to manage the content across multiple properties and platforms. The headless CMS architecture provides us with a much more user-friendly interface, that allows for quick content updates and creation, management, and distribution.”

– Uzma Suleman, Acting Associate Director, Marketing Communications, DWTC

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