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A multiyear digital engagement


The UL.com inherited by MBLM was symptomatic of the company’s marketing challenges. The site was part of a highly decentralized digital universe with outdated content and infrastructure and a lack of organization and hierarchy. The interface design lacked usability basics, and the approach to language and geographies further complicated orientation. UL.com failed to provide clear and easy access to key offerings such as the services and catalog of standards the company produces. With the launch of the new brand created by MBLM, there was significant impetus to accelerate improvement and advance the digital channels with broader marketing objectives.

To tackle this, we did two things simultaneously: we fixed the most egregious navigational problems and developed a multi-phased approach to revamping the site. This work involved thousands of pages as well as navigating governance and technology complexities. In collaborating with UL’s Marketing, IT and Commercial departments, we built a task force to enable critical reviews and approvals.

Since 2010, MBLM has been UL’s digital agency of record. Early stages of work audited and created a new framework for a comprehensive digital strategy. We then moved forward and revamped major digital properties.

MBLM developed a suite of dashboard tools and functionality to enable repeat users to be more efficient and informed. These include:

Library: a collection of UL research and insights
Marks Hub: information and tools to help manufacturers deploy the enhanced UL Certification Mark that is on billions of products annually worldwide
Services: a comprehensive catalog of UL services
Standards: a searchable catalog of the more than 1,000 UL standards that covers millions of products and their components.
Early on, systems for the tracking of detailed user behavior and the measurement of key performance metrics were established, along with regular reporting and analysis of this data, in order to provide a basis for decision making.

Since 2012, MBLM has defined and established UL’s B2B social media presence. We built the platforms to industry-leading engagement channels within 18 months through a combination of efforts, including deploying original campaigns, harvesting and republishing content relevant to the audience, targeting paid media and directing engagement with followers.

To stay ahead of a rapidly increasing mobile audience, we created a dedicated mobile site that provides a streamlined content experience and a powerful set of tools tailored to the needs of the user on the go or in the field.

In 2013, we implemented an engagement strategy aimed at building and nurturing subscribers and leads. This was the first centralized method of harvesting and tracking frequent visitors and customers. Periodic campaigns are sent to the various user groups, tailored to their interests.

In 2014, we migrated the enterprise site to a modern, open-source content management system while systematically pruning outdated content. This overhaul also improved the site’s ability to support the business by integrating calls to action and measurable conversion points on all pages.

In a methodical fashion, digital has evolved from a largely ignored domain to its appropriate role as the primary marketing channel across the company. As UL grows aggressively through acquisitions, UL.com and other digital properties are the critical organizational glue uniting divisions, geographies, services and thought leadership.


  • A comprehensive, multiyear digital strategy outlining a clear road map and governance system.
  • An easy-to-navigate and attractive online experience that is both award winning and category leading.
  • A unified and upgraded one-consistent-brand experience across all major industries, services and geographies.
  • Since MBLM’s engagement in 2010, a 22 percent average growth in year-over-year visits in 2013 showed twice the yearly visitors.
  • Engagement metrics such as average time on site, returning visitors and pages per visit are all rising.
  • Mobile adoption continues to increase rapidly ahead of industry benchmarks
  • UL Dialogue social channels lead the category
  • A growing structured database of segmented users, tracked and nurtured via targeted campaign.




Videographer Awards 2013
Award of Excellence, 2013: Corporate Image

Web Marketing Association’s Web Awards 2013
B2B Standard of Excellence, 2013

Marcom Awards 2013
Honorable Mention, 2013: Mobile & Web-based Technology/Mobile Website

Hermes Awards 2013
Gold, 2013: Website Overall B2B

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