A woman holding an iPad with the title Sunday Sky introducing a brand program to the audiences.

Advancing the Audience of One With Personalized Video

Transforming a Tech Startup


SundaySky is a technology vanguard founded in 2006 to reinvent the relationship between brands and customers through personalized video. To date, SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology has generated more than 500 million videos rendered in real time.

Working closely with the management team in New York and Tel Aviv, MBLM shaped a comprehensive brand program, starting with creating the brand essence. Utilizing its Brand Intimacy insights, MBLM positioned the brand around the archetypes of enhancement (customers become better through use of the brand—smarter, more capable, and more connected) and fulfillment (exceeding expectations and delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy). This resulted in the creation of a new SundaySky identity, system, and templates showcasing a modern design with dynamic flexibility. MBLM then moved to the story phase of the engagement, creating a compelling narrative and segmented messaging around which the brand centered itself. This was used as the foundation of the corporate video, website, and collateral.

MBLM also redesigned and rebuilt SundaySky’s website. Using insights gleaned from site analytics, we reorganized the site around the content areas that draw the most user interest. We added and updated key sections and revised the company profile to reflect the new brand. Beautiful new layouts stage the core offer in a compelling way and were designed to maximize site exploration and lead generation. The site’s concept centered on demonstrating SundaySky’s ability to personalize meaningful messages to singular audiences. This was achieved through the extensive use of custom video and backed up by case studies across six industry verticals. The fully responsive site delivers a compelling proposition to customers and prospects and demonstrates the firm’s innovative approach and proven expertise.


The site launched in December 2015 to strong customer feedback and press acclaim.


Communicator Awards 2016
Integrated Campaign – Business to Business, 2016: Integrated Campaign – Business to Business

American Web Design Awards 2016
Winner, 2016: General Website

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Transforming the brand relationship with customers brochure template.

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