Creating a Virtual Style Brand

Where confidence meets style

  • Worked closely with founder and CEO, Anne Rogers to create brand foundation
  • Developed unique name to introduce the brand to investors and the marketplace
  • Created a stylish visual identity and approachable graphic system

Former technology executive Anne Rogers was passionate about creating a service and community for professional women who wanted help with personal styling. With the goal of having women feel more confident, stylish, and prepared, she created the idea of a virtual styling service that would combine the expertise of a personal stylist with the customizable tools available through technology.


Davey Awards
Gold, 2022: Logos for Design & Print

MBLM worked closely with the founder and her team of advisors to create its new brand. Through team workshops, competitive assessments, and interviews, MBLM set out to develop a compelling and catchy name for this innovative start-up. The team explored a range of themes and territories, looking for positive names that would encourage and empower women to seek an expert’s perspective to help with their styling needs. The team selected the name Mezmira, an abstraction of the word mesmerizing, highlighting that women are captivating and radiant.

Bright Color palette and real women surrounded by playful graphics.
A collage of women wearing glasses and polka dots.

We then moved to the brand’s visual representation with a striking logo and sophisticated, approachable design system. An elegant typeface, clean and modern, gives a timeless quality to the brand. The system featured real women often surrounded by playful graphics, and bright colors, suggesting both the fun of fashion as well as the engaging role each woman plays in our her own style choices. The result was a stylish monogram, common in fashion, highlighting the multifaceted services of Mezmira and the unique needs of their clients.

Mezmira logo and graphic motif applied on a stylish peach t-shirt
Mezmira logo applied on an elegant ochre-colored women's handbag

Mezmira launched in 2022 and sponsored Minnesota Fashion Week, styled by their head of styling, Amy Seeman. The company has received considerable press interest and has styled professional women from a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and tech across the United States. Founder Anne Rogers notes, “Although Mezmira is new to the market, our brand feels established and conveys a sense of credibility and gravitas, which is critical for a high-trust environment. It shows we’re in it with her for the long haul. In a relationship-driven business like personal styling, winning the hearts and minds of customers is paramount. No one knows brand intimacy like MBLM. They literally wrote the book. Their team brings an unmatched level of quality and professionalism to the creative process.”

Mobile phone showing the design of the website developed for Mezmira

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