Magellan Health

Putting the human back in health care

Unifying Magellan through the lens of brand


Magellan Health had a vision—one in which health care would provide quality care for the complete person. As a leader in the complex, underserved behavioral health market, Magellan saw an opportunity to realize this vision through acquisitions—PartnersRX and NIA Imaging. By integrating these services under one umbrella it was able to offer a more complete range of treatment.

The challenge was to facilitate Magellan’s growth and express its vision. Magellan needed to communicate ideas not only to investors and other health care players but to all the communities the organization serves in a powerful and understandable way.

Working closely with Magellan’s management team we helped Magellan realize its “whole-person” vision and adapt its business model into one that would further its mission of treating people with complete care.

  • Through words: A new brand story focused on the model of care, integrating mental and physical health
  • Through visuals: A distinctive brand identity using the mosaic visual metaphor, showing pieces making up a whole in a colorful and vibrant way
  • Through business structure: “One Magellan” brand strategy, which led to simplifying the brand architecture and naming practices for faster integration of future acquisitions as well as driving internal change through building a unified culture

All of this was encapsulated in key external events where MBLM provided key conceptual creative and content. These included the Magellan Investor Day event aimed at the press and shareholders, as well as a Magellan-sponsored thought leadership conference, Magellan Open Vision Exchange (MOVE), focusing on the future of health care, held yearly in Scottsdale, AZ.


Since launching in 2014, Magellan’s new strategy has fueled continued growth in health care, public markets, and clinical and commercial markets, by developing new programs and seamlessly integrating acquisitions. It has increased its presence in long-term care and special population management.

Magellan Health’s new communications have been applauded with numerous awards:

  • Winner: 2014 Best of Category—Complete Branding System as part of the 29th annual American Graphic Design and Advertising awards program
  • has been awarded the 2014 Health Care Standard of Excellence Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

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