Dubai Holding

Branding an Iconic Centre of Influence

Inspiring change, promoting growth, and making a lasting impact


A leading mega-conglomerate, Dubai Holding, was looking to build upon the legacy of the iconic Emirates Towers and their reputation as the center of business, policy, and leadership, transforming it into a prime space in the immediate vicinity of Dubai’s CBD. MBLM worked closely with the leadership and the projects team, marketing leaders, and master planners of this new development and its holding company to build an iconic new brand that reflected its gravitas and importance to Dubai and the UAE.

Of the world-class, globally recognized projects in Dubai, only three can claim an iconic stature through their architecture, prominence, and importance– Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, and Emirates Towers. Using its transformative reputation as a center of influence as a foundation for the brand, MBLM developed a brand promise founded on being a “Centre of influence”, leveraging the prominent government offices and recognized international business already in the development, and recommended the name “Emirates Towers District”, retaining the equity built over time of the iconic towers’ while expanding its promise for the future. 

The identity took advantage of the iconic nature of the towers to create both a visual and wordmark-based identity. The identity was accompanied by the extensive design system and brand materials that MBLM developed, and infused with a unique visual aesthetic that gave the development a powerful foundation on which to promote the offering to various stakeholders. These included a suite of materials leading up to a high profile launch: corporate materials, investor presentations, a microsite, 3D hoarding installations, outdoor signage, and a launch campaign.


MBLM provided Emirates Towers District with a recognizable future-proof brand, capturing the essence of an iconic development within a distinguished identity and laying the platform for a development that will continue to be the center of influence in Dubai, politically and commercially. The solid strategic foundation and brand materials continue to establish the brand’s presence at investor engagements and public campaigns.

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