the prototype of the kiosk developed for Samsung PIN, with the tagline: "Your world without walls"

Breaking Down Barriers Your World Unfettered

Immersive marketing to engage millennials


Samsung Mobile was not connecting with younger consumers, specifically against Apple. There was no cohesive immersive experience that Samsung could leverage to highlight their mobile devices. As a move to increase millennials’ emotional bonds to Samsung, the Samsung Mobile PIN experience store was conceived. The high-touch retail experience was prototyped and slated to launch as six PIN concept stores. The first one was introduced at a high-traffic pavilion during the 2012 London Olympics. The objective was to gain rapid learning to adapt for retail experiences around the world.

Our charge was to create a distinctive brand experience, voice, tonality, and style for the Samsung Mobile PIN shop. These shops are pop-up concept spaces that integrate the physical and digital space.

Through a structured process driven by insights into millennials’ desire for freedom of choice – the democratization of technology, we created a concept of unlimited play. The concept “Your world without walls,” is represented both by the physical two-way mirrored walls of the PIN shop itself as well as the overarching spirit of the open Samsung mobile brand.


Research showed millennials became emotionally closer to the Samsung brand.

Experience is strongly branded – fun, exciting and in the words of consumers “unlike any store I’ve ever been in.”

Key insights utilized to shape Samsung consumer experience in all retail.

a collage of three views of the Samsung Mobile PIN shop
a cell phone with the PIN logo sitting next to a prototype of the shop
a prototype of the a cell phone sitting next to a prototype of the Samsung Mobile PIN shop

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