A blue and white airplane flying in the sky with a spacious cabin interior.

Cabin Interiors

Enchanting skies


As one of the world’s fastest growing, most profitable and most admired airlines, LAN has earned its place as South America’s leading carrier. The latest chapter in the airline’s growth comes through the expansion of its long-haul fleet through the addition of 35 state-of-the-art Boeing 787 aircraft, a move that not only confirmed its commitment to innovation but provided a unique opportunity to create an inflight experience that continues to evolve LAN’s brand promise.

The MBLM project team was no stranger to LAN. Having previously worked with the airline to consolidate its regional position and relaunch the brand in 2004, we addressed the challenge as a branding assignment from day one. Through a comprehensive design exercise, MBLM narrowed in on two key experiential components to be the cornerstone of the new experience: the innovative cabin architecture of the new Boeing 787 and the authentic character of Latin America.

To highlight the Boeing 787’s unique curvilinear interiors, the team dramatically opened up the space at the entry door, leaving the dome ceiling uninterrupted to create a “wow” moment for all passengers entering the cabin. Great care was also taken to maximize the aircraft’s larger, dimmable windows and dynamic lighting system. After three rigorous tests at the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery in Seattle, we programmed a dynamic lighting sequence that minimizes the impact of air travel on people’s biological clocks. The wake-up sequence alone takes five full minutes and mimics the beautiful silvery color of the morning light when arriving at your destination.

The warmth, charm and liveliness of South America were also brought in through a warmer color palette, soft lines, and rich patterns and textures that evoke the diversity of the region’s rich landscapes. Blue and copper seat fabrics alternate throughout the Economy cabin, while an iridescent sheen reacts to light and shadow, capturing the enchantment of the region’s sun-filled vistas.


The two-year effort achieved the results the airline was looking for. Aesthetically, LAN’s new long-haul cabin interiors achieve a sophisticated balance of technology and warmth.

The interior of an airplane with seats and red lights.
A row of seats in an airplane.
The interior of an airplane with red seats and windows.
A close up of an orange and black fabric.
A collection of fabrics in red, blue, and orange.
The interior of an airplane with rows of seats.
The interior of an airplane with red and white seats.

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