A man captures a picture of a plane soaring over a mountain for corporate branding purposes.

Corporate Branding

Rebranding an icon


Brought in by FutureBrand as Project Lead for the American Airlines Brand Modernization Program, Claude Salzberger, MBLM President, worked closely with American’s Senior Management, the project team and external consultants to guide the orchestration of this ambitious initiative.

1) Develop a strategy that can express American Airlines’ vision and showcase the significant investments in new aircraft and passenger experience enhancements.

2) Create a new corporate identity that leverages the airline’s iconic visual equities in order to assert its position as America’s flag carrier.

3) Ensure a seamless brand experience across the multitude of touchpoints that make up the passenger journey.

The new identity showcases the promise behind the American name. On the aircraft, the iconic silver fuselage is complemented with a bold flag graphic that asserts the airline’s origin; the new soaring eagle symbol is the link to the airline’s heritage and represents its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to a bright future.


Launched under “The New American” banner, the program has helped the airline visibly demonstrate its commitment to lead in innovation and passenger service. With the arrival of new aircraft and the ongoing launch of enhanced products and services, the airline will quickly confirm its rightful place as one of the world’s best airlines.


Clio Awards 2013
Bronze, 2013: Corporate Identity

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