A large airplane in a hangar.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

The future has arrived


Convince global aviation businesses that the Aviation District at Dubai World Central (DWC) is a ‘can’t be missed’ business opportunity.

MBLM partnered with DWC to position its Aviation District and execute a marketing campaign to convince global aviation businesses of the future viability and economic feasibility of the district.

The “Future has Arrived” campaign was aimed at synthesizing the technical and commercial proposition of the Aviation District into a cohesive narrative that focused on the district’s capacity to foster an integrated aviation sector involving education, light industry, consultancies and general aviation. MBLM built the campaign around the notion of a ‘next-generation Aviation District’ and crafted videos, galleries, printed materials, environments, customer experiences and digital and billboard advertising to instill confidence in the market and reflect the intelligent design of the district.


The campaign successfully catapulted the Aviation District to being one of Dubai’s most highly anticipated infrastructure projects, helping achieve 150 percent growth in visits to the corporate website and increasing qualified leads that are fueling the next generation of clients and investors within the Aviation District.

A magazine showcasing an integrated marketing campaign featuring a man and a woman.
Integrated Marketing Campaign
Two men participating in an integrated marketing campaign by studying a city map.
People integrated in a model of a city.
A building with an integrated marketing campaign.
A collage of pictures showcasing an integrated marketing campaign for a building with a blue and white exterior.
Samsung galaxy s10 integrated marketing campaign.
A laptop, tablet, and phone are integrated in an innovative marketing campaign.
An Integrated Marketing Campaign featuring a brochure with a picture of a plane and a diagram.
A living room with an integrated TV on the wall.
Integrated Marketing Campaign

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