A close up of a cockpit with a number of gauges undergoing market reentry.

Market Reentry

An experience to shift perception


Dubai World Central, a 140-square-kilometer master-planned airport development, had progressed significantly since its launch, but had a market reputation as a stalled mega real estate project. DWC was set to participate in the Dubai Airshow 2011, but had not yet developed a clear strategy for its participation. MBLM saw an opportunity to help DWC relaunch the project and its brand in a meaningful way.

MBLM conceived and devised a comprehensive plan to use the Airshow to reshape the conversation and showcase work that was already underway. Taking advantage of the 40th National Day of UAE, MBLM developed the “40 & Beyond” campaign, where we leveraged the historical ethos and precedent of achievements of Dubai and its leaders and positioned project DWC as the natural progression in the long line of spectacular and far-sighted infrastructure investment projects in Dubai. The campaign channeled the success stories of Port Rashid, Emirates, Dubai Metro and other Dubai achievements to cast a positive light on the DWC project.

We also developed a VIP helicopter tour program, targeting VIPs and C-level executives of leading aviation companies to take them on an aerial tour of Dubai to DWC. It was a visual expression of the desired brand shift and an ideal vehicle to provide a firsthand view of the work that had already been completed. Understanding the key importance of continued royal patronage, we wove a tribute wall to the founding leaders of UAE into the chalet experience that resulted in HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s attendance at the chalet.


DWC received record website traffic, an overwhelming increase in qualified leads and a record number of career seekers. It also received extensive media coverage and positive feedback from industry C-level executives who were on the tour.

An aerial view of a desert airport.
A blue carpet in a room with white bar stools for market reentry.
A woman at a check-in booth.
A helicopter is parked next to a white car.
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An iPad with a market map on it sitting on a table.
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An open book with pictures of a crane and a ship representing market reentry.
Market Reentry: Dwic - dwic - d

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