Dwc's new headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with marketing materials.

Marketing Materials

Capturing the opportunity


Dubai World Central needed to activate sales activity on its 10 completed commercial buildings. In addition to a challenging economic climate and a tough real estate market, DWC’s reputation suffered the perception of being unfinished and in a remote location too far away from the city center.

Working with DWC, MBLM helped narrow the marketing focus of the 10 commercial buildings. After consultation with industry experts, it was determined that the 10 buildings offered a unique opportunity for corporations to consolidate their offices into a single location, while also providing the ability to expand both vertically with multiple floors and horizontally across connected buildings. We developed a sales brochure and presentation materials that showcased this information and better contextualized the location as being closer to new Dubai, as well as the future connectivity that would occur when the airport opened for passenger operations.


The sales brochure and presentation materials were disseminated through various channels and DWC has seen a notable uptick on inquiries.

A blue box with the word dwc on it used for marketing materials.
Blue marketing materials on a white surface.
Two marketing materials on a white surface.
A map of a city is displayed in marketing materials.
Marketing center of business park brochure.
A marketing brochure showcasing strategic flexibility and premium business.
Marketing materials with pictures of a warehouse.

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