A 3d model of the interior of a business class seat with seat design.

Seat Design

Everything in its place


For the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Premium Business cabin, LAN selected Contour’s Aura seat. MBLM was asked to restyle the catalog seat to better reflect LAN’s commitment to the passenger experience.

The team seized on the seat’s most successful features to maximize the feeling of privacy and personal space. MBLM worked with LAN and Contour to soften the seat’s angled lines and redesigned the individual ottoman to create undulating pods that mimic the simplicity, fluidity and elegance of the rest of the cabin. The team also added a wide array of innovative features that cater to the passenger’s changing needs as the flight progresses, including rising inboard armrests that also function as individual privacy screens and hold their most personal items and seat controls close at hand.

Once the passenger is seated, LAN’s obsession with comfort and the notion that “everything has a place” becomes apparent. Little nooks and cubbies were designed specifically to hold passengers’ shoes, newspapers and reading glasses; there’s a smartphone charger, a USB port and PC power to maximize work efficiency; there are translucent privacy screens and an adjustable LED personal reading light for each seat; and individual ottomans provide comfort and complete the feeling of privacy.


The restyled seats have proven to be a key differentiator between LAN’s Premium Business cabin on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the business cabin experience offered by competitors.

A red and white airplane seat with a monitor and television showcasing a sleek seat design.
A 3D model of an airplane seat for seat design.
The interior of an airplane with red seats.
The seats have a red and white design.

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