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Corporate Website & Digital Sales Tool

Empowering a new breed of real estate company


GGICO Properties, a new real estate brokerage firm of the Gulf General Investment Company, has aimed to challenge the status quo and provide an effortless buying experience. Led by a highly experienced and respected senior management team and equipped with a luxurious strategically located showroom, the firm was looking for a competitive advantage to set it apart in a saturated market. MBLM partnered with GGICO Properties to ideate and develop a digital solution that helps to match the right investment opportunities with the right customers in an efficient and intuitive manner.

We created a central digital core to power a state-of-the-art property website and an innovative in-showroom sales tool. Every element of the solution was designed and programmed to reflect and enhance the natural sales progression that a broker or an investor would take in selecting a property. Guided by this organizing principle, the website interface, content, and functionality were carefully crafted to accommodate different ways of searching for and identifying a desired property. In the showroom, a 138-inch-screen display, controlled by an iPad and operating on MBLM’s PresentationOS platform, enables brokers to showcase and share properties based on an investor’s preferences, whether by location, size, price point, or number of bedrooms. Our digital solution is integrated with GGICO’s database, ensuring access to the most up-to-date product inventory and communication with its CRM.


GGICO Properties’website and showroom sales tool are helping its brokers to more efficiently capture and convert leads. The intuitive platform has been widely adopted within the company and become a vital part of daily showroom sales activity. In addition, GGICO Properties’digital presence is helping to distinguish it among its competitors and define the company as an advanced, customer-centric real estate brokerage.


Transform Awards MENA
Silver, 2015: Best Brand Experience

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