Content & ABM Campaigns

Creation and dissemination of compelling stories that unpack the value of your brand to create interest, engage prospects who exhibit intent, and drive growth.

What it comes down to more than anything else is that your digital presence and brand are predominantly defined by your content. Proprietary studies (see Thought Leadership) are rich sources for fueling content-driven campaigns, which often include social, email, and PR components and highlight new abilities or the under-leveraged intellectual assets of a brand. We help brands to utilize their existing assets and generate fresh creative ideas to launch powerful and influential dynamic content campaigns that are meaningful, relevant, and share-worthy and that work across both traditional media and digital channels. We identify key influencers across all channels and develop content that matches their needs and interests. To gain technical advantage and scale the deployment of content campaigns, we set up and manage purpose-built ABM software platforms. These use intent data to automate your account-based marketing campaigns and outperform traditional campaign management approaches.

Content-Driven Campaigns example