Ashwin Kulothungun

Associate Partner, New York

Ashwin is a strategic thinker (and do-er) with a passion for brand communications. He has extensive expertise in managing brand rollouts, technology-led activations, and content-led marketing plans.

Experience-focused, Ashwin rolls up his sleeves to deliver solutions that move the needle on business and performance.

Fastidious, insightful and a multitasker, Ashwin is Senior Director at MBLM, with more than a decade of brand strategy experience. He leads projects for clients across an array of industries from technology and industrial services to investment and healthcare. Ashwin’s clients include CommScope, Emcara Health, TYM, Streetworks Development (Hudson’s Bay Company) and Therapy Brands.

Ashwin has a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a Masters in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute, where his graduate thesis focused on the evolving forms of narrative structures in corporate and personal communications.

Having lived for extended periods in both Dubai and New York while a part of MBLM, Ashwin brings a global perspective and an appreciation for the nuances of business communication to his work.


Davey Awards 2022
Corporate Identity – Brand Identity for Design & Print
Therapy Brands

MarCom Awards 2022
Digital Media – Mobile Experience Information
Camp CommScope

MarCom Awards 2022
Digital Media – Medical Website
Therapy Brands


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