A business opportunity brochure with a tablet and a laptop.


Creating innovative corporate collateral


Develop multichannel sales and marketing collateral that showcases the new UL brand and company effectively to diverse stakeholders.

MBLM was tasked to create enterprise collateral for the newly rebranded UL. After evaluating a range of comprehensive solutions and determining the most effective marketing mix and channels, we developed a compelling corporate story centered around the notion of “Safety is evolving, so is UL” and we articulated the creation of new business units and new ways to promote a century-old company in terms of both its business offerings and its brand strength. A corporate brochure, flyer, video and PowerPoint presentation were designed and produced. An iPad application was also developed for the sales force, featuring extensive content, interactive materials, timelines, trends and relevant links. Across all these materials and channels, a cohesive and relevant UL story was created, which effectively promoted the company.


The materials demonstrated an effective and tangible way to manifest the new UL. Sophisticated multichannel tools were created to empower sales and senior executives, and relevant customer needs, content and information were addressed to meet stakeholder needs.

Safety is evolving, so is u.
A laptop with a red screen showing the words 'work hard for good'.
A tablet and a pc with the words safety's evolving.
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