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Advancing the world’s most trusted certification mark


The UL Mark is the single most accepted Certification Mark in the United States, and the most trusted Mark globally with manufacturers. For more than a century, the UL Mark has represented product safety and peace of mind for consumers.

As the definition of safety expanded through the century and UL expanded its services, its portfolio of Marks proliferated, leading to confusion in the marketplace and difficulty managing and protecting the assets. Changing the core product of a company requires diligence and care. UL delivers over two billion Marks annually to more than 66,000 customers.

MBLM undertook a three-year process of reengineering the Marks portfolio. As well as developing and implementing a new taxonomy, hierarchy and completely redesigned Marks with enhanced and more intuitive data modules, new Badges were created to help expand relevance and retail exposure. Lastly, a new pioneering distribution channel was created to allow customers to register, understand and build their Marks and Badges dynamically.


In the first year, the new portfolio was effectively launched, first globally within UL and then to a group of pilot customers and through wide release. Each wave of deployment was executed flawlessly, with positive feedback and adoption gained ahead of projections.

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