Staging A Gaming Hub 

Developing a Brand-New Gaming Platform into Saudi Arabia’s Premier Gaming Hub 

  • The new name, brand identity and positioning strategy attracted widespread attention
  • MBLM created a powerful new brand with an immersive digital environment

The epicenter of the gaming industry is finding a new home – Saudia Arabia is moving boldly to become the new ultimate global gaming hub. In 2022, the Saudi Crown Prince revealed a National Gaming and Esports Strategy, and PIF-backed Savvy Games Group announced a $38 billion investment to make the kingdom ‘a global hub.’ Looking at the example of China and South Korea, Saudi Arabia sees gaming as the ultimate way to attract its youth towards computer literacy and everything digital. Besides fun and socialization, the investment will open countless career opportunities, such as social media and gaming influencers, podcast hosts, developers, etc.

This concept has already been instilled in the minds of gaming enthusiasts and developers in the country, and 81% of them are confident such an investment will bring the industry to a new level.

VoV Gaming, part of Savvy Games Group, the largest gaming company in Saudi Arabia, aims to contribute to making this mission a reality. The team recognized the immense potential in the gaming industry and the opportunity it provided for entertainment and as a platform to foster career growth and development for the youth. VoV Gaming started with the goal of “creating a safe space where gamers could thrive, unleash their potential, and compete globally.” It partnered with MBLM to craft a powerful brand positioning, promise, and unique design to achieve this vision.

MBLM started by conducting an extensive brand strategy exercise, understanding the company’s philosophy, objectives, and core values to transform the team’s vision into reality.

Primary version of the VoV brand identity against a white and black background.

After an extensive name search and exploration, it was decided that the coined name  VoV, which symbolizes two fingers by each side of the head, to be the final brand name; two fingers represent a win and are mostly used in gaming and esports activities. The name is short, punchy, and designed to resonate with younger audiences while appealing to the global gaming community, and directly aligns with the brand promise of “The Hunger for Victory.”

MBLM worked closely with global gaming experts and influencers from London, Sweden, New York, and Japan to craft a comprehensive brand strategy. We crafted an immersive digital environment for VoV Gaming, incorporating futuristic elements and captivating visuals to provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

VoV brand design system and examples of its application.

The partnership with MBLM brought remarkable results for VoV Gaming. The newly developed brand identity and positioning strategy attracted widespread attention, making VoV Gaming a hub for gamers from Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and beyond.

With the immersive digital environment and cutting-edge gaming infrastructure, VoV Gaming has hosted multiple globally-recognized gaming events and tournaments, with a staggering $45 million in prize money. This attracted professional gamers and enthusiasts from around the globe, strengthening VoV’s position as a top gaming company.

iPhone mockup with a illustration of an Instagram ad for VoV.

VoV Gaming has expanded to three destinations within Saudi Arabia, with plans to expand further in the region and globally. Through its strategic collaboration with MBLM, VoV Gaming was reshaped into a powerful brand with an immersive digital environment and a strong identity.

MBLM’s partnership with VoV Gaming did not end there. We remain closely involved in progressive collaborations to propel VoV Gaming towards its goal of becoming a global gaming hub. With a solid foundation and continuous efforts, VoV Gaming is well on its way to becoming a gaming phenomenon, driving economic growth and creating boundless opportunities for the gaming community.

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