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Strengthen UL’s position as a thought leader and create new, more intimate dialogue, business opportunities and qualified leads through a global study focused on product insights.

MBLM worked with UL, a global leader in safety science, to conceptualize and create an annual global study, now in its third year, which provides valuable content to current and potential customers, industry and media. An innovative and proprietary idea, the Product Mindset is the only study of its kind, developed to examine the considerations and attitudes of manufacturers and consumers—relative to how they make, sell, buy and use products today—and the resulting impact on global supply chains.

Quantitative research was designed and conducted in Brazil, China, Germany, India and the U.S. over several months. For three years, MBLM developed the research materials, interpreted the data, wrote and designed the report with its client, developed digital content and promotion materials and coordinated the study launch. Key first-year findings included “Confidence Abounds,” “Safety and Performance Are Fundamental Priorities,” “Traceability is Key” and “Where You Are Matters.” Second-year insights highlighted an overall decline in optimism, an ever more transparent supply chain and a focus on quality.

The most recent Product Mindset identified a series of significant gaps between manufacturer and consumer priorities across a variety of supply chain considerations. The 2013 study also established a framework to better understand and quantify what is most important to each audience, dividing considerations into Fundamentals (e.g., quality, reliability, product safety), which are the principal drivers of business success and purchase, and Rising Priorities (such as environmental friendliness, health impact and supply chain transparency) that are growing in awareness and influence. The 2013 study was extended with a more in-depth online experience, including a data visualization tool that allows site visitors to examine Product Mindset data for specific industries and geographies. Additionally, an infographic poster, The Black Friday Mindset, and individual country reports were developed, based on Product Mindset 2013 data.


The inaugural 2011 study was a great success, garnering record traffic to, media attention and coverage in mainstream publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, Fortune and Time. It also had a profound impact on UL customers and industry professionals.

The second year of The Product Mindset launched in November 2012, and resulted in a more than 200 percent increase in traffic to, compared to a total of just over 17,000 page views in 2011. Additionally, 2,906 studies were downloaded.

The Product Mindset 2013 study attracted 254 percent more site visits than the 2012 study and generated a 55 percent increase in site visits. And with additional online engagement features and the data visualization tool, the 2013 study generated a 325 percent increase in average time spent on the page compared to just over 11 minutes per visit in 2012.

Seven months after the launch of the 2013 study, The Product Mindset 2013 Country Reports (based on 2013 study data) were launched, generating an additional 3,125 document downloads and more than 23,000 page views, which — by itself — exceeds the performance of the 2012 study.




Business Marketing Association B2s 2013
Award of Excellence, 2013: B2C2B Marketing

Hermes Awards 2013
Honorable Mention, 2013: Integrated marketing Campaign

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