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Branding an innovative new certification program


Position, design and launch a major new initiative in the marketplace that would change perception and business performance of UL in the small appliances and consumer electronics industries.

MBLM was hired to develop a brand strategy, a design and activation materials for a major new program that UL was launching in Asia and the U.S. Based on a new streamlined certification process, we developed a compelling positioning, created a marketing plan and target prioritization, and wrote high-level and audience messaging. To demonstrate the innovative certification process that was central to the offering, MBLM designed an infographic process diagram to simplify the benefits of the program. A custom photo shoot to establish a distinct look and feel, was completed and print ads, presentations, a poster, a brochure, web content (Internet and intranet) as well as banner ads and richmails were completed. Employee materials were also developed to educate employees on the offering and the new approach UL was taking to meet marketplace demands.


The successful global launch of a major new UL offering signaled that the company was focusing on the fast-moving needs of its customers.

A black and white ad for the ui advantage.
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