Crafting a brand’s ultimate nature and vital core

Does your brand have a clear purpose and focus?That's where Essence comes in, creating an essential blueprint for your brand and ensuring emotion is at its heart.


Research & Insights

MBLM has a team of seasoned research professionals who are firmly grounded in established research methods. We also seek state-of-the-art ways to gain a deeper understanding of marketplaces, trends, categories and customers.

Brand Identity

The visual expression of a brand—through logos, type, color, photography, fonts and secondary graphics—forms the core of a company’s identity. Our designers create distinctive and compelling identities that communicate the essence of their brands.


Names are powerful symbols that communicate something memorable and relevant. MBLM has decades of experience creating proprietary names across an extensive range of industries and geographies.

Brand Strategy

We articulate a single-minded focus on how a business or product wants to be perceived and its promise in the marketplace. This is supported by messaging, which further details how a brand communicates its value to audiences.

Brand Architecture

The role of brand architecture is to establish hierarchical relationships within a company’s structure and product portfolio to strategically support business objectives, maximize efficiency, and optimize performance.

Design Systems

We craft a well-considered design system around the brand that dimensions and extends all aspects of the identity, including photography, color patterns, illustrations, icons, and other unique design elements.

Brand Management

Codifying, maintaining and managing a brand requires utilizing and overseeing a wide array of materials, tools and programs. MBLM has been innovating proprietary brand management-tools for decades to facilitate better oversight and engagement.

Does your brand positioning create distinction and connection?

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