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Airlines and travel brands have the great promise of building strong emotional connections because customers often associate them with excitement and leading to new experiences.

Today, however, brands in this space are viewed more negatively, with unreliable performance, bureaucratic procedures, and nickel-and-diming customers. This tactical approach hinders opportunities to build bonds and strong relationships. We can help you bring emotion to your brand, creating an experience that encourages dialogue and surprises and delights customers.

As the Brand Intimacy Agency, our expertise centers on building brands that affect mindsets, drive decisions, and bond with their stakeholders.  We anchor your brand to a series of archetypes that matter most to the airline and travel market. We factor emotional drivers into content, design, and digital outputs so the result is not only distinct and compelling but also connected and engaging.

“Our new website’s content structure is much easier to navigate and features new exciting destination guides with locally produced content.”

Sean Quong Sing, Caribbean Airlines Vice President Commercial (Ag)

Areas of Expertise


Airlines need a strong brand to differentiate themselves from competitors and establish trust and credibility with customers. They also need best-in-class communications, materials, and a website to shift consumer mindsets.


A strong airport brand not only builds preference among consumers but also helps attract and retain top airlines, partners, and retailers. We can create a distinct brand that conveys the airport’s advantages and engages audiences.

Ground transportation

Buses, trains, and ride-hailing services rely on customer volume for success. In this highly competitive space, a compelling app experience is essential—along with a brand that helps establish trust, attracts new talent, and effectively promotes its services.

Travel agencies/operators

Travel sites, portals, agencies, and specialty operators need to stand out and attract customers. We can define a unique essence, develop a powerful story, and bring it to life in a compelling brand experience.

Case Studies


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Media Mentions

Travel & Brand Intimacy

Our annual study, the world’s largest of brands based on emotion, has shown that since COVID, consumers have increased the number of brands they forms attachments by almost 10% to and that brand performance has increased nearly 20% since before the pandemic.

Industry Performance

Travel has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient score of 23.4, which is below the cross-industry average of 36.8. However, the industry did improve its Quotient score performance since its appearance in our 2020 study.

Archetypes & Stages

Fulfillment is the dominant industry archetype and the industry ranks eighth overall for fulfillment, with Korean Air being the strongest brand for this archetype. Korean Air also ranks as the number one brand overall for fusing, the highest stage of Brand Intimacy.

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