A travel website undergoing a website redesign.

Delivering an Authentic Caribbean Experience

Achieving the right balance between booking efficiency and commercial effectiveness


One of the leading players in the region, Caribbean Airlines needed to redesign its website to transform the user experience and enhance the airline’s image by expressing authenticity, modernity and commitment to service.

MBLM’s brief was to develop a responsive website that would provide seamless integration of its selected Passenger Service Solution, easy access to the airline’s products and services and a visual design that fully represents the airlines’ brand’s essence: “We are the Caribbean”. In short, the website needed to be attractive, easy to use and intuitive; using any platform, browser and reasonable bandwidth.

Working closely with the marketing team, MBLM shaped a comprehensive and fast-paced five months website redesign program. An ambitious challenge, given the overall functional and image objectives including:

  • Incorporate the new Passenger Service Solution
  • Increase online ticket sales and lower transaction costs
  • Improve the overall user experience throughout the site
  • Deliver a seamless information and process flow
  • Promote destinations, products and services
  • Be DOT compliant
  • Enhance CAL’s overall image

To achieve these goals, MBLM’s work focused on four different areas:

  1. Process mapping. Identifying key activities and process flow, highlighting the ideal customer journey and key assets
  2. UX (Site information architecture hierarchy). Finding the balance between booking efficiency and commercial effectiveness
  3. Visual design (Template layouts). Designing a graphic user interface (GUI) that optimizes navigation and the site’s overall efficiency
  4. Tone & manner (Brand personality). Establishing a distinctive verbal and visual style that engages the user and supports the airline’s positioning


The result is a friendly, accessible, proud, authentic and inviting website with improved functionality in a tone and manner that communicates the airline’s regional character. The new website’s UX entices passengers and facilitates bookings through its carefully considered content hierarchy while the GUI’s distinctive personality helps to engage the user on an emotional level.

The responsive design offers an improved Booking Module and a comprehensive Travel Guide with up-to-date information of the airline’s destinations, including useful travel tips before, during and after their journey. The site uses the latest technology to facilitate access across all browsers and devices and makes it fully accessible for users who experience disabilities or special needs, meeting the requirements set forth by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Two mobile phones featuring a purple background and showcasing a redesigned travel website.
A revamped website with vibrant colors.
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