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Get smart about building a brand with emotional connections

Branding is crucial for educational institutions, services, and products because it helps them stand out in a crowded market, build trust with stakeholders, improve outcomes, and enhance their reputation and credibility.

Specific needs for education brands, whether it’s increasing enrollment, improving academic outcomes, optimizing, or cross-selling, products and trainings can all benefit from a strong brand that is centered on emotion.

As the Brand Intimacy Agency, our expertise centers on building brands that impact mindsets, drive decision-making, and bond with their stakeholders.  We anchor your brand on a series of archetypes that matter most to the education market. We factor emotional drivers into content, design, and digital outputs so the result is not only distinct and compelling but also connected and engaging.

“We are grateful to MBLM for capturing the spirit of Community Schools and our dedication to providing academic and social services to students and their families.”

Chris Caruso, Executive Director of the Office of Community Schools

Areas of Expertise

Schools & Higher Education

With a growing number of schools, universities, and specialized programs, competition is increasing, and the need to differentiate is high. We can help improve your acquisition and retention rates and create a brand that inspires.

Supplemental Education Providers

Vocational education, learning centers, and tutoring organizations provide specialized services for their stakeholders and need to present a polished, professional brand experience that is welcoming and relationship focused.

Education Products/Support Services

Education products, materials, and services need to convey a deep understanding of their audiences, flexibility in their approach, and quality materials. We can help you stand out and ensure your brand experience aligns with your offerings and invites confidence and  interest.

Corporate Education and Training

This subsector focuses on providing education and training to employees of businesses and organizations to improve their skills and knowledge. Showcasing your brand with a compelling website and distinguishing yourself from competitors are essential.

Case Studies


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Downstate Health Sciences University

Financial Advantages of Brand Intimacy

Intimate brands outperform leading brands across revenue, profit, engagement, and economic equity.

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Higher revenue & profit 
than F500 and S&P

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Greater engagement
and behavior

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Willingness to
pay more

More Emotional Relationships

The percent of consumers in some sort of intimate relationship with a brand has increased 9% since before COVID-19.

Deeper Relationships

Brand performance has increased 19% since before the pandemic, highlighting that people are connecting with brands more deeply.

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