the new brand identity developed for Connecticut Green Bank with the tagline: "Accelerating the Growth of Green Energy"

Accelerating the Growth of Green Energy

Rebranding for greater impact and greater good


Connecticut Green Bank (formerly CEFIA), is the nation’s first green bank, a quasi-government agency that uses public dollars to mobilize private investment to support its mission: to accelerate the growth of local green energy economies. It offers programs that extend the reach of green energy to homeowners, small businesses, industries, and municipalities.

With a need for clear language and an accessible visual style to more effectively communicate CGB’s programs and ultimately drive adoption, MBLM was brought on to achieve a rapid three-month rebrand to introduce a new brand promise, logo, and design system. After a thorough discovery phase, we arrived at a higher-order, emotional benefit: Connecticut Green Bank is cultivating a robust marketplace to make green energy financing accessible and affordable so the community can grow and thrive.

This insight led to the brand promise centered around the metaphor of “catalyst,” framing Connecticut Green Bank as the green energy leader at the center of a global movement, and a community resource that innovates, educates, and activates in order to accelerate the growth of green energy for Connecticut.

Connecticut Green Bank reintroduced its organization with streamlined messaging, brand architecture and design systems. This would help the organization internally align and shape the overall direction of its marketing. It would also provide a look and feel that is at once distinctive and engaging, while effectively co-branding alongside other state organizations and local programs.


Since its launch in 2015, Connecticut Green Bank has embraced its new identity and has successfully reached a milestone of $1 billion deployed. It has helped thousands of homes and businesses in Connecticut adopt green energy, reduced greenhouse emissions, and has created thousands of jobs across the state.

examples of the design system designed and developed for Connecticut Green Bank applied to a series of pieces such as webpages, branded brochures, logo, color palette, imagery, iconography, and typography
examples of the design system designed and developed for Connecticut Green Bank
examples of the design system designed and developed for Connecticut Green Bank
a laptop showing an example of the website designed for Connecticut Green Bank
Examples of three branded brochures
New logo for Connecticut Green Bank and new messaging "Accelerating the Growth of Green Energy"

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