1 Central website homepage mockup
Dubai World Trade Centre

Activating An Icon

Bringing the One Central brand to life


To promote the One Central brand and spark further engagement, Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) required a revamped brand website and other interactive digital elements to meet the company’s strategic business goals.

In parallel to creating the One Central brand, MBLM designed and executed a digital roadmap for its launch, which included multimedia content, interactive kiosks, and a comprehensive presentation management program. We created and launched a simple, sleek website. Digital kiosks were designed and installed with an interactive tablet interface that allowed users to virtually walk through the development, learn about its key advantages, and view detailed renderings and animations.

MBLM also created custom presentation software (PresentationOS) targeted at investors to enhance the pitching process. The unified presentation platform runs and manages all content across DWTC’s interactive masterplan experience and the kiosk tablets, and allows for easy content management, updates, and consistent deployment. In addition to enhancing pitches to key investors and partners, PresentationOS also makes it easier for DWTC to create awareness to the wider public about the One Central brand by managing content for the interactive kiosks.


The resulting brand plays on the development’s key strengths among its competitors in a crowded space, and helped One Central make a name for itself in the eyes of the media and the public. It drew significant investor interest during its launch and announcement by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.

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