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Brand Development

Revolutionizing hospitality


sbe, a rising Los Angeles-based hospitality company, needed to refine its corporate image and its brand and to evolve from being the leading player in the Southern California restaurant and nightlife scene to being a successfully integrated global hospitality company.

MBLM used sbe’s unique business model and growth strategy to create a new brand strategy, including positioning, a messaging platform and tagline, “seamlessly blended experiences,” playing off the brand name. We worked closely with the executive team on a series of presentations, videos and collateral, including an interactive iBook presentation used by the CEO in one-one-one meetings, a short film using 2-D/3-D animation to express the integrated brand experience, and a glossy brochure in English and Mandarin to demonstrate the brand’s expansion into China. MBLM created new business cards and stationery, and working with HR, we created an interactive leadership training module, which grew into a full revamp of all company training manuals. We codified and systemized brand elements for the sbe corporate brand and its key growth brands, creating an online brand hub where these elements could be downloaded and also providing a Help Desk that ensures that legal and marketing teams clear all communications. MBLM also created billboards and digital and print ads and developed a series of richmail templates and campaigns for use both internally and externally.


MBLM provided the essential tools sbe needed to grow and expand, from digital assets and training programs to marketing collateral and consultation. Since working with MBLM, sbe has announced expansion into new U.S. markets as well as planned entry into the Middle East, signaling the company’s continued growth.

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Sls hotel brand development.
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