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Champions of Progress

Defining the brand essence of a business insurance disruptor


Insureon is a leading small business insurance agency, having served 175,000 businesses since 1997. While they have been growing through online search strategies and word of mouth, they were aggressively seeking to build a stronger brand presence by creating and launching a multimedia marketing campaign.

Working closely with Insureon’s management team, MBLM started by leveraging our Brand Intimacy insights. After exploring a range of concepts, we developed a campaign leveraging two archetypes. We focused on enhancement (customers become better through use of the brand—smarter, more capable, and more connected) and identity (reflecting an aspirational image or admired values and beliefs that resonate deeply). This helped to ensure the brand builds stronger bonds with customers.

Centered on the idea of “Champions of Progress,” the integrated campaign promotes Insureon’s pioneering technology along with the company’s passion to help small businesses grow. Direct and emotive copy along with a clean, vibrant graphic system that highlights people doing their everyday business activities resulted in a campaign that describes both Insureon’s strengths and the benefits of using them. The tagline “Hassle-Free Business Insurance,” addresses the pain points many feel when dealing with insurance and highlights company’s pioneering technology and their desire to help small businesses thrive. A complete design system was designed for digital ads, print, billboards, OOH, direct and video. The campaign’s compelling messaging and modern design has aligned stakeholders, focused their value proposition and broken through the competitive clutter.


The rebrand has aligned both employees and investors around a clear and compelling vision. The campaign has articulated a more emotionally driven message that stands out and elevates the Insureon brand.

A powerful and wonderful collage of images enhancing brand presence.
A variety of brochures with different colors and designs to enhance brand presence.
A series of images showcasing brand presence through a person using a tablet and phone.
A champions of progress magazine with a strong brand presence.
A billboard with the words save time and money, enhancing brand presence.
A person displaying brand presence through a smartphone showcasing a website.
An escalator with a sign that says grow your business, save your costs, enhancing brand presence.

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