A group of people observing Carvajal corporate branding.

Corporate Branding

Aligning a new corporate direction


Revitalize and strengthen the presence of the Carvajal corporate brand to both demonstrate the company’s strategic redefinition and catalyze internal alignment behind a common vision for the future.

MBLM was engaged to assist this 105-plus-year-old year old private Colombian company as it sought to refocus its corporate strategy and bring greater visibility to the Carvajal corporate brand, which over the years had become overshadowed by the company’s many brands. MBLM completed a detailed diagnostic inclusive of the branding practices across Carvajal’s portfolio of companies and the sectors in which they operated, along with a benchmark of branding trends and practices followed by relevant conglomerates. Together with the insights garnered from internal interviews and an assessment of the company’s values and culture, we shaped a new value proposition, visual identity, tagline and brand architecture aligning all of Carvajal’s operating entities under the Carvajal masterbrand. As a final checkpoint, this work was validated with key audiences, including the 200-plus Carvajal descendants, to ensure its appropriateness and potential effectiveness in activation.

We worked closely with Carvajal to align the strategies for internal and external communications, and we developed strategic guidelines to ensure internal alignment around the new brand values.


Following the 2011 launch of its new brand, Carvajal has successfully implemented its new brand strategy and identity, which have been critical to aligning people across the company’s seven business sectors and 15 geographies to identify with and live the Carvajal brand. Additionally, Carvajal is now ranked among the top 10 companies with the best corporate reputation in Colombia and is the subject of a case study on corporate brand management. The successful outcome of this work has led to a series of ongoing engagements with MBLM on corporate alignment and product line rebranding efforts.

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