A group of people are holding a cup of orange juice, WAU!


Facilitating new market expansion


Carvajal Packaging sought to launch an innovative line of disposable packaging to gain traction in the attractive food service segment, which was, at the time, dominated by two primary players. As such, Carvajal Packaging it had developed a broad line of foam, thermal material and rigid plastic products that required a compelling brand to support the commercialization plans calling for rapid market share growth.

MBLM made visits to retailers in different cities in order to understand the market dynamics and analyzed international best practices of successful brands. From this analysis, a brand strategy was outlined containing a differentiated and relevant value proposition. We developed the Wau! brand name and visual identity, along with the complete packaging graphic system and point-of-sale communications. Guidelines were also created to manage and control the brand in implementation.


Wau! has been launched with great success, as measured in terms of the excellent acceptance by retail distributors. Sales projections have quickly been exceeded, and Carvajal Packaging is now planning for expansion of the product line.

A set of plastic cups and a plastic bag, WAU!
A man wearing a purple t-shirt with the word wayy on it, exclaiming "WAU!
A magazine featuring a captivating image of a couple.
A WAU! iPad featuring a picture of a boy and a girl.

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