A corporate branding with the word innance on a blue background.

Corporate Branding

A new brand to support a new ambition


Fluoro-Seal Holdings had a 30-year history as a family-owned business, successfully innovating unique fluorine-based barrier treatments for plastics. While the company provided other offerings, the majority of its business and its name were centered on barrier treatment. After being acquired by Arsenal Capital Partners in 2012, the company embarked on a strategy to expand its solutions to a wider range of applications and markets and adopt an integrated, customer-centered approach.

Management recognized that the company name, brand identity and communications efforts needed to be strengthened to support the company’s ambitious growth strategy. MBLM was engaged to conduct a thorough brand and market diagnostic, which served as the foundation for the development of a new brand value proposition centered on collaborative problem solving to drive customer success, a new corporate name and visual identity system, the development of a new website and presence in key social media, and the creation of communications materials to support the internal and external launch.


The company has just launched its new brand strategy, identity and website under a new name: Inhance Technologies. Though it is still early days, senior management is enthusiastic about the feedback and impact the new branding effort is having on employees and customers who are embracing the new vision and focused approach to the market.

A laptop is displaying a website for a chemical company with corporate branding.
A corporate branding business card for finance.
A blue and white brochure with a logo on it showcasing corporate branding.
A corporate branding brochure with a blue cover.

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