A trade show booth with a red and white design showcasing the Home-field Advantage.

Redefining the Home-field Advantage

Exhibition program


Dubai Sports City (DSC), a 50million-square-foot, mixed-use, master-planned development, wanted to use Cityscape Global 2014 to introduce new products, highlight a decade of progress, and re-connect with investors and developers. Cityscape 2014 would also mark the first time since its launch that Dubai Sports City would have an exhibition stand independent of the larger Dubailand stand.

Within the hyper-competitive context of the region’s premier real estate exhibition, MBLM had to create a compelling environment to support the sales launch of two wholly different products, all the while presenting a cohesive narrative for the overall destination.

Achieving this was further complicated by the presence of larger developers and state-owned companies who resorted to mega-sized models and extravagant stands to promote their own projects.

We defined a customer journey, designed the exhibition stand, and created the content to meet DSC’s business objectives. At the core of our program was developing a compelling feature to drive foot traffic to the stand and enable productive interactions with target audiences. This took the form of a transparent acrylic model overlaid on a nine-screen seamless display, which created an interactive model controlled via a tablet device. Built on MBLM’s proprietary PresentationOS platform, this interactive model allowed the team to customize their sales presentation in real time to suit the preference and availability of the interested party. Utilizing a full suite of infographics, animations, videos, maps, and information, the DSC team was able to highlight everything from a single property to an overview of the DSC’s milestones over the past decade, all presented in a compelling manner that differentiated them from all other developers.


MBLM’s solution helped to generate more than 400 qualified sales leads, exceeding the previous benchmarks set by Dubai Sports City during Cityscape. The strong results, combined with the enhanced stand design and customer journey, invigorated the sales team, helped DSC affirm its commitment to the master plan, and provided a venue to reconnect with investors and developers. As an additional benefit, the program resulted in the deployment of a sales-centric presentation tool (PresentationOS) to support ongoing sales during trade shows and in the showroom.

A laptop is sitting on top of a stand.
A sketchbook redefining the home-field advantage.
Four pictures exhibiting home decor and furnishings including a sofa.
A man is looking at a computer screen with a map on it, redefining the home-field advantage.
An ipad is sitting on a desk next to a keyboard and mouse, redefining the Home-field Advantage.
A man redefines the home-field advantage by taking a picture of a map on a display.
A red carpet redefining the home-field advantage.
A man in a suit examining a model of a city, redefining the home-field advantage.
A person holding a tablet with a map on it, redefining the Home-field Advantage.
A diagram illustrating the process of building construction.

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