Repositioning a Growing Brand

Inspiring energy


MBLM partnered with Pacific to take its brand to a next level. Through the right brand strategy and a subtle but convincing visual identity intervention, we supported and advised Pacific to express its global presence and its accelerated and dynamic growth strategy while maintaining the energy of success, an essential feature that has led Pacific to become the most important independent oil company in the region.

MBLM facilitated Pacific’s growth goals by creating an effective strategy for the company to express its global nature and interests while keeping its internal values and respecting its essence, the drive of its directors, the outstanding talent of its employees, and the exploration and production capabilities Pacific has built over the years.

We reviewed Pacific’s corporate identity, developed a new design system for the brand, and helped it take a step toward a shorter, stronger, and more appropriate name by leveraging its roots and reputation and energizing its employees despite the impact of the replacement of production of the Rubiales Field and the negative effects of the oil and gas price crisis.


MBLM helped Pacific become a global company in the eyes of its stakeholders. In addition, Pacific’s new name and the alignment it achieved through a new visual identity and an accurate design system helped it become a stronger brand. MBLM also helped Pacific develop greater consistency in its business goals, and its accelerated and dynamic growth strategy became flexible enough to adapt to the constant evolution that distinguishes the sector and that marks Pacific as a relevant player.

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