A woman showcasing the American Icon Timex with her arms up in the air.

Showcasing an American Icon

Refreshing a Legendary Brand for a New Era


As technology and new market entrants began to transform the highly competitive landscape of watches and wearables, Timex Group needed to better leverage its iconic American brand and 150-year legacy of innovation and craftsmanship.

With a renewed emphasis on design and a product portfolio of over three hundred watches, the TIMEX brand wanted to appeal to diverse segments, lifestyles, price points, and distribution channels. To support the new “Specialists in the Art of Timekeeping” promise, the brand had to refresh its visual identity system and realign its market-driven product architecture.

Working closely with senior management, MBLM helped to strengthen and restage the TIMEX brand identity.

Starting with an optimized logo and graphic style guidelines, MBLM developed simplified nomenclature and icons that codify proprietary connectivity technologies and unique features. In addition, MBLM organized product branding in tiers such that the masterbrand logo is prominently featured alongside subbrands to ensure uniformity among the products and enhance visibility for the TIMEX brand.

With its new visual identity and product architecture, TIMEX is ready to showcase a new era of style, innovation, and product excellence.


The new identity and product architecture were well received by Timex Group and will be rolled out across the brand’s website and marketing materials over the next year.

Showcasing an American Icon with a collage of Timex watches.
Timex group logos - Showcasing an American Icon.
Designing a logo color palette that highlights an American icon.
A computer screen showcasing an American Icon.

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