A person holding an ipad with the word cda on it showcasing Stackd.


Building a hyper-local social platform


Evolve the idea of the business directory into a social platform to connect with companies located nearby to share resources, identify synergies and partner for business opportunities.

In 2009, Facebook had just reached 250 million users, Twitter was growing rapidly with 6 million users and New York, much like the rest of the world, was in the midst of an economic downturn that made networking the most important thing on many a business owner’s mind. Our digital team had just moved from a low-rise into a dense, 14-story building. We were looking for a way to open doors and make introductions more effective than relying on a chance encounter in the elevator. We hatched the idea of STACKD as a social platform that would be centered on your physical location. To make our idea come to life, we mapped user flows, built a database, designed and programmed the user interface and started inviting businesses to participate. Within the first 12 months, about 100 buildings in 10 countries joined.


STACKD is a web application that lives on as an early-stage prototype. We continue to look for opportunities where it can be leveraged, including real estate management and across large organizations. The underlying premise of social collaboration has influenced other MBLM software solutions, including the Pulse Real-Time notification feature of BrandOS, MBLM’s brand management platform.

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A Stackd tablet displaying a map of a city.

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