University of Pennsylvania

Uncovering a university gem

The reinvigoration of an art center to attract new audiences and enrich the internal culture.


Annenberg Center Live’s goal was to distinguish itself as a premier cultural center. In doing so they also sought to increase ticket sales and amp up engagement within both the campus and community.

The performing arts center was hidden in plain sight within the urban campus of the University of Pennsylvania – that was one of our key challenges in marketing. There is a rich history of groundbreaking performances, but it was buried in the archives. And there was enormous stature in the Annenberg name but conversely it was also associated with many other well-known organizations such as the Annenberg School of Journalism or the Annenberg Foundation. The challenge was to make the theater stand out for the dynamism and vibrancy equaled to its diverse programming while leveraging the excitement associated with the live performances.

Our solution was to restage the theater as the center of excitement. Beginning with a refreshed brand strategy, a brand story, a new name and visual identity, it served to reinvigorate the center to attract new audiences and performers as well as enrich the internal culture.


This strategic framework led to a new approach for programming. Brand principles and desired
experience were incorporated into plans for building improvements and staff training.

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