Three packages designed to increase brand awareness by highlighting the messages 'you're not going fast enough' and 'you're not going long enough'.

Welcome to Fast Class

Because Life is Too Short for Long Lines


CLEAR offers members a service to get through airport security faster by using a proprietary technology that confirms the identity of the traveler. When CLEAR approached MBLM they had expanded their presence at US airports and made significant improvements to their biometric identification process. What they lacked was a cohesive brand platform, and need a system of language and visuals. They challenged us to develop a compelling way to communicate and showcase the brand in order to raise awareness at airports and in a variety of media channels.

To create more of an emotional connection with CLEAR and its customers and prospects, MBLM made use of the Brand Intimacy archetype of enhancement to begin to build an intimate connection with the brand based on the idea of the brand making people smarter, more connected and more capable. MBLM developed “FAST CLASS,” a campaign idea that powerfully communicates the benefits of CLEAR membership. “FAST” is the simplest way to understand what CLEAR makes you and “CLASS” plays on the idea of belonging to a particular privileged echelon. Taken together, the brand enhances your life and you are more capable with CLEAR.


We crafted messaging intended to stop you in your tracks and designed key touch points along the customer journey from curbside to gate. As a primarily verbal campaign, we used punchy headlines for content on social media, in-airport and on collateral to increase brand awareness and drive customer acquisition. When used in email campaigns, the new messaging generated higher conversion rates and fewer drop-offs during the sign-up process. In the airport, stanchions, fence signage, animations on media towers and print acquisition pieces handed out by CLEAR ambassadors encourage sign up so that you can speed past security lines with a simple touch and get to your gate in five minutes, every time.

A group of people standing next to a roll up banner promoting brand awareness.
Three packages for brand awareness that remind you "you're not in class anymore".
A group of people raising brand awareness in front of a line of signs.
A brand awareness billboard in an airport promoting 'fast class'.
Brand Awareness message displayed on a tablet and phone screen.

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