Segmented Messaging

Beyond high-level communications, it is often critical to develop specific messages for key audiences or business units.

This leverages the brand promise to establish consistency but also provides some flexibility to customize as appropriate for important segments. It’s common for a brand to have a range of stakeholders, from employees to recruits and from investors and prospects to a variety of customer segments. Each of these groups has unique needs, questions, and pain points that you need to consider when creating communications. MBLM’s teams of strategists and copywriters work with brands to identify priority audiences and develop messaging targeted specifically to each segment. You can then use these messages in audience-specific materials such as recruitment brochures, investor-relations web pages, or targeted advertisements. Segmented messages, although specific to that group, always fit within the broader themes and messages of the brand. This way, a brand’s communications can be both consistent and nuanced across a range of audiences.

A sheet of paper with segmented messaging on it.