A person taking a picture of a Ramadan greeting displayed on a cell phone.

2014 Ramadan Greeting

Encouraging positive change in the community


MBLM wanted to take a creative approach to the region’s holiday tradition of sending out Ramadan greeting cards. Instead of following the established norm of creating a one-time Rich Mail message or a printed greeting card to send to clients and colleagues, we crafted a multimedia solution that fully captured the true spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

It began with distilling the many different aspects of Ramadan to focus it on “A Month of Kindness” campaign. It encouraged recipients to participate in the spirit of the season by prompting them to practice a small act of kindness on every day of Ramadan.

For the delivery mechanism, we took an innovative approach to optical illusion animation. Each recipient of MBLM’s Ramadan greeting card received a Rich Mail invite, a physical greeting card, and a striped, transparent, credit-card-sized piece of acrylic. By following the enclosed directions, the recipient visited the site each day of the month on his or her mobile phone and, by moving the physical card across the screen, was able to view a simple animation along with a message of an act of kindness recommended for that day.


The project showcased the physical and the digital elements working seamlessly together to deliver a unique and meaningful experience. For the duration of the month-long campaign, we were able to generate over 2,000 “likes” on our Facebook posts and hundreds of social media engagements. Clients who received dozens of Ramadan Rich Mail messages during that time of year may have otherwise glazed over MBLM’s traditional type of messaging. Instead, clients became engaged and made a special point to commend us on the innovative approach and express their appreciation for the message we sent.

Website design for Ramadan greetings.
A business card with a Ramadan greeting is among the items on a table.
A person is taking a picture of a blue screen on a cell phone while capturing a Ramadan greeting.
A set of Ramadan greeting business cards on a white background.
A cell phone is sitting on a table next to a Ramadan greeting business card.
A blue card with a Ramadan greeting on a table.
A person using a laptop on a table while sending a Ramadan greeting.
A Ramadan greeting stationery set displayed on a table.
A cell phone displaying a Ramadan greeting on a table.

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