A Powerful Brand Transformation

Creating a Breakthrough Alternate Investment Advisory Firm

  • Created a distinct brand promise and visual identity in a cluttered category
  • Leveraged the brand name as key part of brand platform
  • Designed and implemented sophisticated website
  • Launched website Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, enabling lead generation and nurturing
  • Received enthusiastic employee and management response


W3 Award
Silver, 2019: General Marketing – Microsite

legacy logo of Atalaya
the new logo for Atalaya developed for MBLM

A successful financial services brand needed a more compelling brand presence to stand out from competition and better present its capabilities. It also needed help integrating its unusual name—Atalaya—into its brand story.

MBLM worked with senior management to establish a fresh, modern essence. The name Atalaya and its Spanish meaning, “watchtower,” became the foundation for the brand’s promise of having a unique vantage point. This was also linked to the Brand Intimacy archetype of enhancement, making customers better through use of the brand—smarter, more capable, and more connected.

Like a watchtower, Atalaya has a unique vantage point to see the investment landscape and pursue opportunities with perspective
a black umbrella branded with the Atalaya logo

The watchtower and perspective-focused promise inspired a bold and distinct new monogram, visual identity, and design system. The four-sided pyramid elegantly united the four As in the name while representing a watchtower and the idea of multiple perspectives.

different elements of the brand identity developed for Atalaya: imagery, typography, icons, color palette, letterheads and branded baseball caps

On the website, use of aerial imagery coupled with subtle animations of image color saturation creates an emotional impact.

The wall of an office corridor with Atalaya's logo
examples of printed material including letterhead and corporate brochure
Atalaya symbol applied as a pin on a suit lapel
Examples of the web pages designed and developed for Atalaya

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