Breakthrough in the telemedicine category

Leading a breakthrough in telemedicine


Telemedicine is one of the fasting growing areas within healthcare. Much of this can be credited to the growing familiarity with virtual connections and consultations, as well as the wide availability of broadband access across many different devices. Teladoc provides on-demand, quality, convenient care with meaningful savings for both patients and the healthcare industry.

In an increasingly cluttered and look-alike category, Teladoc needed to break through. Their messaging needed to be more compelling and direct. They also needed a bold, distinctive logo and design system for effective co-branding with health plans and hospitals.

We developed a new messaging platform based on the consumer insights and the core benefit of “a faster way of feeling better.” This provided the sales team with a simple, benefit-driven way of speaking about the offering. The distinctive new logo was bold and modern yet humanistic, memorable as both a logotype as well as a standalone icon on digital applications. A branded visual language and iconography helped Teladoc communicate more effectively to achieve greater awareness.


By October 2015, Teladoc was the first and only telehealth provider to reach the one million patient mark. With accelerated utilization of the service, they achieved the second million visits only 14 months later. Since it’s inception, this two million visits milestone translates into more than a $900 million estimated savings for clients and the American healthcare system.

Today they are at 20+ million members.

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