Building Stronger Connections - Synzi Case Study

Building Stronger Connections

Synchronizing Connections Through Technology


Stratus Video was founded as a language interpretation service for the healthcare industry that delivered on its proprietary video platform. The addition of telehealth services that connected patients and members to hospital systems and health plans was a natural evolution of the business. While differentiation for interpretation services depended on the human capital of its interpreters delivered through the video platform, the backbone of the telehealth division was the innovative technology video platform. The power of the telehealth platform is realized through automation and optimization of workflows across multiple modalities – video, voice, text, email – in low-bandwidth areas, in either Android or MacOS environments.

These key differences in the offerings, from both perception and pricing standpoints, made it clear that Stratus Telehealth needed to spin off. This would allow them to tell their own story more effectively and to recognize the true value for its offerings, free of the legacy associations with Stratus Video and its interpretation services.

Working closely with the Stratus Telehealth leadership team, MBLM honed in on the essence of the brand through key interviews, research and understanding of telehealth trends. The outcomes included a new name – Synzi – one that leverages its brevity for greatest impact and memorability while also creating an association with the synchronization of the delivery of care through technology. Concurrently, a brand promise was conceived on the concept of Betterment, focusing on how Synzi provides an inherent value to the lives of patients and members, as well as improving the bottom line for health plans and hospital systems.

MBLM reimagined Synzi’s website to coincide with the January launch. In a narrow 8-week period, a new website was launched with the new name, visual identity and updated messaging to promote Synzi and its services to key audiences. The new imagery highlighted the engaged clients as well as satisfied patient/members, it is augmented by a library of approachable, robust icons that speak to the offering’s ease of use and effectiveness. In addition to the new brand elements, MBLM integrated existing digital platforms to ensure a seamless transition.

With an inspired new name and brand, Synzi is poised to realize its ambitions of delivering better technology and better care, to achieve better outcomes for all.


Synzi was introduced in January at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. It was met with great interest from both the investment community and healthcare industry prospects.

A finger touching a screen that read: Synzi, a virtual care company dedicated to providing better ways to engage. Simply and efficiently. A finger touching a screen that reads: Synzi, a virtual care company dedicated to providing better ways to engage. In a simple and effective way.
examples of the design system developed for Synzi applied to a series of pieces such as logo, typography, color palette, iconography, framing motif, and imagery
A laptop showing the website developed for Synzi
a series of icons developed for Synzi

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