The Miami Worldcenter website is displayed on a tablet using digital tools.

Digital Tools For a New Urban Destination

An inspired urban development


Our challenge was to create a compelling destination that would articulate the vision of one of largest urban development projects in the United States. A visionary developer recognized an opportunity to turn a 28-acre, centrally located, derelict area of downtown Miami into a vibrant mixed-use development. From the earliest stages of development, we were part of a team of consultants, planners, and architects tasked with turning this vision into a reality. Following our brand-building work, we were tasked with designing and creating a brand-management system, website and social media presence that could grow with the development over time.


Various digital properties are helping build awareness and engagement for the brand and articulating this ambitious vision for Miami. Partners and stakeholders for the project have powerful yet simple-to-use tools for managing this fast-evolving brand. Investors, brokers, and buyers are making effective use of the information, maps, and video, especially from their mobile phones.

A group of iPhones displaying a website for a new urban destination.
A person using digital tools to explore a new urban destination on an iPad.
A person is using a laptop with digital tools for a new urban destination.

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