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Facilitating Global Brand Compliance

BrandOS, a platform to unite worldwide marketing efforts


Mexichem, a leader in plastic piping and one of the world’s largest chemical and petrochemical companies, partnered with MBLM to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of its corporate brand. The company is growing rapidly and has expanded into more than ninety countries. To support and centralize Mexichem’s evolving brand, MBLM developed a digital platform for its brand management needs. MexichemOS aims to become the benchmark for communications and marketing for Mexichem leaders around the world, which will ensure a clear and consistent global brand message reaches its audience. This digital solution was designed from MBLM’s proprietary software, BrandOS. The platform provides users access to a set of guidelines and templates related to the new brand identity, official nomenclature, and corporate brand policies as well as a customized asset bank. Additionally, the Help Desk app offers Mexichem’s marketing teams and vendors a compliance system in which inquiries and reviews are ticketed and go through a workflow of approved channels in real time.


MexichemOS was launched in the summer of 2015 and is keeping pace with this fast-growing global conglomerate, connecting employees in various geographic locations, including the UK, US, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil. Currently, over 1,500 brand assets are available on the platform, and it continues to serve as a corporate-level intranet that is constantly growing with the company.

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